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Sweet Pineapple Sugar Apples; Land Bank for Sweet Homes

Our bank has established inseparable connections with the land and the farmers of Taiwan because of our prior collaboration with the government for land reforms. To deepen our bond with this land and the farmers, we have been purchasing agricultural products in season and supporting local small farmers during recent years. When pineapple sugar apples were coming into season, China’s General Administration of Customs announced the import suspension of Taiwan’s pineapple sugar apples, which might affect the income of the farmers. We are standing with Taiwanese farmers by organizing the “Sweet Pineapple Sugar Apples; Land Bank for Sweet Homes” campaign and purchasing pineapple sugar apples as gifts to customers or social welfare groups to help the farmers get through the difficulty.

As a state-owned bank with a long history, we are dedicated to our core business in banking and supporting the government policy in labor reliefs and SME (small and medium enterprise) loans. We strive no efforts in our care for this land. When fruit farmers in Taiwan need assistance, we are always there to help. We hope our initiative inspires society and the public to support domestic agriculture products and the agricultural industry in Taiwan!

Release date: 2022/02/23 Last updated: 2022/02/23