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  • The production of mangoes in Taiwan this year increased by 20% compared to last year. The average export volume of mangoes in the past year was about 1,800 to 2,000 tons; these mangoes were mainly exported to Japan and Korea. However, due to the change in the quarantine standard in South Korea this year and China's mango exports increasing significantly, it caused a decline in Taiwan's mango exports. The domestic demand for mangoes has been dramatically declined due to the rise of the pandemic in Taiwan, the strict control over restaurants and iced fruit stores and other channels, resulting in a sharp drop in sales volume. Therefore, a bumper harvest has caused farmers to feel sad instead of smiling. The Bank has been committed to supporting Taiwan's agricultural products, and we have actively purchased mangoes to support the local farmers. When all people are fighting against the pandemic, in addition to focusing on financial services, the Bank has been actively providing labor relief loans, SME loans, and various government relief programs to help Taiwanese farmers when they need help. We have been purchasing a wide selection of local agricultural products over the years, including cabbage, bananas, pomelos, pineapples, and other fruits and vegetables. We hope that the public will join us to support the local agriculture industry.
    Last updated: 2021/07/30
  • The Bank has successfully arranged the syndicated loan of CNY600 million for IBT International Leasing Corp. The estimated amount to be raised was CNY500 million, but the loan was oversubscribed by 170% by all the participating banks resulting in a final amount of CNY600 million; the syndicated loan agreement was signed on 28 May 2021. The Bank acted as the arranger to manage this three-year syndicated loan of CNY600 million, together with Hua Nan Bank and Bank of Taiwan as the co-arranger, and First Bank, Taiwan Cooperative Bank, Taiwan Business Bank, Cathay United Bank, Mega Bank, Shanghai Bank and Chang Hwa Bank as the participating banks, showing that the banks have recognized and acknowledged the long-term pragmatic operation of IBT International Leasing Corp. As one of  O-Bank's important leasing businesses, IBT International Leasing Corp. is the first subsidiary of the O-Bank to go west to China. Since establishing its operational headquarters in Suzhou Industrial Park in 2011, IBT International Leasing Corp. has been setting up various branches in Dongguan, Nanjing, Zhongshan and Foshan to speed up the deployment and build up the capabilities to penetrate the China market with multiple locations. IBT has been recognized by the China Financial Leasing Annual Meeting for its operational capabilities, such as the “New Strength Award,” “Pioneering Award,” “Outstanding Contribution Award,” “Innovation Award,” “Achievement Award” and “Company of the Year Award,” making IBT the only Taiwanese leasing company to receive this honor for nine consecutive years. In addition, the Bank was awarded the “Top 30 in Foreign Investment Utilization” and “Top 30 in Headquarters Economy” in the 2019 Suzhou Industrial Park Government's Outstanding Economic Contribution Awards. In recent years, the Bank has adopted a proactive approach to transformation. In addition to the original core business of real estate, it has expanded its business to corporate credit, wealth management, overseas Taiwanese enterprises, and Trust 2.0 project and continued to implement “5+2 Key Innovative Industries,” “New Southbound Program,” “Urban Renewal Program,” “Reconstruction of Old and Dangerous Building Program” and so on. The Bank was awarded the “No. 1 Bank for SME Loans,” “Special Award for Balanced Regional Development in the Central Region” and “Special Award for Balanced Regional Development in the Southern Region” by the Financial Supervisory Commission, and was selected by the Ministry of Economic Affairs as an “Outstanding Financial Institution for SME Credit Guarantee Financing Business in 2020.” In addition, in order to support enterprises and the public to jointly fight the severe and special COVID-19 pandemic, the Bank has actively cooperated with the government's relief measures and launched a specific action plan of “LBOT Supports Pandemic Prevention and Control and Revitalization of Homeland,” to assist enterprises and individuals affected by the pandemic in relieving the dilemma of capital movement. Therefore, it was rated as an excellent bank in “Rewarding Domestic Banks to Accelerate the Relief and Rejuvenation Loan Program” by the FSC. Moreover, the Bank has been actively promoting the “Collaboration of Public Banks to Rejuvenate the Economy” financing program, which is now working well and is the best partner to help companies to upgrade their competitiveness through international linkages, innovation and transformation. In the future, the Bank will continue to develop the business in a proactive, stable and diversified approach to become an excellent financial institution.
    Last updated: 2021/06/30
  • Dear Customer:   1. If you have already received a new Uniform Identification ("UI") number for foreign nationals and wish to change your UI number with the Bank, you can do so by following the instructions below:   (1) Change at the branch counter in person: Bring your renewed Resident Certificate, Record of ID No. in the Republic of China or Entry & Exit Permit to any of our branches for processing. You can download, print, and complete the "Application for Opening an Account and a Change in the Fundamental Particulars ( applicable to a natural person )" in advance to save time.   (2) Change by mail: Please download, print, and complete the "Application for New Unified Identification (UI) Number (For foreign nationals mailing purposes only)" and "CRS and FATCA Self-Certification Form- Individual", together with a photocopy of the ID card containing the new UI number, and mail to any branch for processing.   2.If you have any questions, please feel free to call our Customer Helpline at (02) 2314-6644 or consult the Land Bank branch nearest you. Click to find the Land Bank branch nearest to you: 3.For more information about the New UI No., please visit the National Immigration Agency website at: ★To protect your rights and interests, if your account has been authorized to deduct paymentsor collect deposits (e.g. insurance premiums, stock settlement fees, payroll deposits, etc.), you are advised to contact the concerned parties to update your personal information to process such requests. In addition, the individual income tax declaration for 2021 is about to close, please note that the UI No. in your Individual Income Tax Return must be the same as the UI No. you have registered at the bank to facilitate tax payment (return) by bank transfer.
    Last updated: 2021/06/09
  • 4/13, Land Bank of Taiwan Chairman Chuan-Chuan Hsieh and President Ying-Ming He presided over an executive meeting with executives from the Bank’s Head Office and branches during the 2021 Annual Executive Meeting. The meeting was convened to review past performances and actively plan for the future. Through active discussions and coordination, the Bank aims to reach a common consensus on its operating objectives and business development goals for 2021. During the meeting, the Bank prepared thermometers, alcohol-based disinfectants and face masks, as well as other related vaccination supplies, and diverted participants to attend the meeting under a synchronized off-site mechanism. The measures were in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Chairman Hsieh emphasized that despite the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the increased volatility in the financial markets in 2020, the Bank maintained its leadership in its core businesses of real estate credit and trusts, with a pre-tax surplus of over $10 billion, and achieved 115% of its statutory budget target. She further expressed her gratitude to all Bank employees for their hard work and contribution, especially during the relief and revitalization period when manpower deployment was tight while sometimes facing the emotions of clients were in desperate need of funds. She thanked the hard work and dedication of all bank staff who worked together to achieve this challenge under such a high pressure environment. In addition to commending the efforts of his colleagues, Chairman Hsieh also proposed specific implementation plans for the five strategic goals she set out when she took office: 1. Digitalization of Operations  Information technology in the financial industry are like infrastructure development, and will determine the speed of business development: sound digitalization of business processes can accelerate efficiency, simplify processes, and prevent fraud in internal processes. They can also contribute to refining customer services, reaching new generations of customers, and further leverage big data to understand customer needs and even to prevent fraud. 2. Credit Business Diversification We intend to strengthen the industry balance of our credit business structure. Apart from consolidating our key business in “civil construction financing”, we will also promote the granting of credit to various enterprises to secure new types of niche financing such as solar energy and offshore wind power, and encourage branches to implement a balanced credit policy through a more comprehensive performance assessment mechanism. 3. Diversification of Income Sources Credit business, treasury operations and processing fee income are the three main engines of profitability for banks. This year, the Land Bank of Taiwan plans to increase its overseas financial operations, which will not only contribute to surplus through higher spreads, but also nurture talented financial staff and deepen our overseas talent pool. 4. Optimizing Workforce Quality Outstanding talents are the bedrock of sustainable business operations. In addition to recruiting more diverse new staff externally, the Bank will also build up a succession pipeline internally by nurturing two junior employees for every senior employee, so as to avoid a succession gap. 5. Implement Corporate Social Responsibility By internalizing ESG into the Bank's DNA, we take into account the concerns of our stakeholders, especially in our interactions with customers, and ensure that our branch managers are thorough, efficient and attentive to our customers and respond to their needs in a timely manner.     In terms of future outlook, the financial industry is full of challenges as well as opportunities. The Bank will uphold its core values, respond to changes with an open attitude, pursue breakthroughs with sound business practices and pursue sustainable development in a stable manner to create better results and move towards being a quality financial institution. During his opening remarks, Mr. Ying-Ming He, President of the Land Bank of Taiwan, expressed his sincere gratitude to the Board of Directors and the Audit Committee for their supervision, the Chairman's excellent leadership, and the directors and colleagues for their concerted efforts. He noted that despite the volatile global economy resulting from the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, the Bank was still able to deliver solid business results. The Bank's pre-tax surplus reached NT$10.9 billion, with an Non-performing loans ratio of 0.15% and an allowance for coverage ratio of 1,065%, which was not an easy feat to achieve. This demonstrates the quality of the Bank's assets and the effective implementation of credit risk control and post-loan management, fully epitomizing the Bank's operational efficiency. For this year (2021), the Bank should continue to maintain a steady business footing and continue to build on its successes with a proactive and innovative spirit. 1. Expansion of credit business to enterprises other than those involved in civil construction financing In addition to making good use of our expertise in the real estate finance industry, the Bank will also actively cooperate with governmental policy initiatives to promote the "Green Finance Action Plan 2.0", and as well as focusing on the "Three Major Programs for Investment in Taiwan", "Lending to New Key Industries", "New Southbound Policy" and "Trillion Dollar Revitalization Financing Plan" and other corporate finance credit services. 2. Development plan for the Bank's “Trust 2.0 Implementation Plan” We continue to manage the “Trust for the Elderly and Physically and Mentally Handicapped” and the “Social Welfare Community Care Trust”, and cooperate with the FSC to promote the “Trust 2.0 Implementation Plan”, leveraging trusts as the core engine to create innovative and diversified trust products. 3. Overall improvement in profitability The Bank shall leverage its strengths to develop its mortgage and life insurance business, actively pursue various types of real estate trust business opportunities, launch integrated marketing campaigns in line with market trends, provide a full range of financial services, expand fee income stream and increase non-interest income. 4. Encourage staff innovation and promote digital finance We encourage our employees to actively participate in the development of innovative proposals, think in terms of customer needs, integrate virtual and physical channels, use big data analysis for precision marketing, and actively train digital talents to create quality digital financial services for our customers. 5. Strengthen risk control & management and focus on ESG sustainability The Bank will pay close attention to risk management while expanding business, and implement three “lines of defense” for internal control, strengthen compliance education for employees, and improve risk management mechanisms. The Bank will also spearhead progress on ESG, in line with its promotion by competent authorities, through establishing a “Sustainable Development Committee” to actively promote sustainable finance, protect of customer rights, ensure employee care, sound corporate governance, environmental protection and social participation.     This year, the domestic and international economy and financial industry are still facing uncertainty due to the impact of the ongoing global pandemic. In the fiercely competitive and volatile financial industry, in addition to continuing to fully cooperate with government policies, the Bank will also follow Chairman Hsieh’s visions and development strategies. Lastly, it is hoped that the Head Office and the branches will work together to uphold the concept of “generosity, harmony, enthusiasm and innovation”, and jointly face the ever-changing business environment, reach new heights, and achieve targeted annual operating goals.
    Last updated: 2021/05/14
  • The Land Bank of Taiwan Chairman's oath-taking ceremony was held at the 10F Conference Room 1 of the bank on March 16 at 10:00A.M.. The newly appointed Chairman Chuan-Chuan Hsieh was sworn in. Political Deputy Minister Ching-Hua Juan of the Ministry of Finance supervised the oath-taking. Political Deputy Minister first thanked the bank’s operational team for its outstanding business performance over the years and thanked all the bank employees for their hard work and contribution. Chairman Hsieh is an outstanding professional leader who has served as a branch manager of the Bank of Taiwan,  the manager of the Business Finance Department, the Credit Review Department, and the Finance Department, the chief auditor, and the vice general manager, with complete credentials in the banking business. Chairman Hsieh has since 2019 served as the bank’s general manager. During her term in office, she actively fulfilled the task of ensuring relevant units’ business policy implementation and improving the overall business performance. She also proposed many specific improvement measures targeting internal management, with outstanding performance in all areas.  As the bank’s current Chairman, it is expected that under her  leadership, the bank can continue to strengthen the focus on the latest pulse of the finance industry, thereby strengthening the bank’s competitiveness, creating customer value, and expanding service fields. Chairman Hsieh took up the post as the bank’s general manager in April 2019. In addition to conducting various deposit and lending businesses and consolidating core businesses in coordination with the policies, in response to the market trends and in order to improve bank competitiveness, the bank has actively promoted digital finance transformation and organizational streamlining. Last year, the COVID-19 pandemic gave rise to operational difficulties among enterprises. Upholding the background of real-estate, professional finance, and ample enthusiasm, the bank continues to lead in market share in building lending, housing mortgage, real-estate trust, real-estate securitization, financial asset securitization, and many other businesses. In 2020, the bank’s profitability continued to exceed $10 billion, with the pre-tax surplus of NT10.929 billion, the budgeted surplus achievement of 115%, the overrun ratio of 0.15%, and the coverage ratio of 1,065.02%. Obviously, the bank has effectively implemented credit risk control and post-loan management. It has also strengthened internal control and legal compliance to maintain the bank’s robust operations. The bank has also received the highest rating of Aa3/P-1 for Taiwan’s banks from international credit institution Moody’s, and the outlook was revised to “positive”. In addition, if we take a closer look at the various rewards won by the bank over the past two years, they include government service awards, top 20% in Fair Dealing Principles Assessment, excellent performance in property trust evaluation for elderly and physically and mentally disabled, excellence in information communication security audit performance, the best service innovation award for electronic cash flow businesses, and so on. Looking ahead, the bank will endeavor to enhance the breadth and depth of digital financial technology in products and services under the premises of legal compliance and ensuring the effectiveness of internal audits and internal controls. It shall build a digital living community in cooperation with different industries. In addition to consolidating the existing core business of land and building loans, the bank has also actively promoted green energy, SMEs, start-ups, and other enterprise financial credit businesses to balance the industrial credit structure and distribute credit risks. At the same time, finances are flexibly managed to diversify profit sources and reduce dependence on interest income. In terms of talent training, the bank will establish a promotion assessment system with incentives and extensively recruit cross-industry talents. The bank will adhere to the principle of honest management and include the spirit of ESG in the credit and investment policies, treat interested parties in a friendly manner, and actively fulfill corporate social responsibility to keep in line with international trends and move towards sustainable business development.
    Last updated: 2021/04/22
  • The Land Bank of Taiwan Chairman's oath-taking ceremony was held at the bank’s 10F Conference Room today, 3/24 at 4:30P.M. The newly appointed general manager Ying-Ming He was sworn in, and the bank’s Chairman Chuan-Chuan Hsieh presided over and supervised the oath-taking. Chairman Hsieh said that the newly appointed general manager He was a local “senior at the Land Bank of Taiwan.” From the branch manager, the head office credit review department manager, the debt management department manager, the legal compliance officer and the director of the Legal Affairs Division, the chief auditor, to the vice general manager, General He has complete credentials. He achieved excellent performance in every stage and had kept abreast of the bank’s core businesses. Additionally, considering his familiarity with financial regulations and internal audits, he is expected to lead the bank towards continuous and robust development as the banking industry’s internal audit and internal control supervision tighten. General He has served at the bank for more than 35 years. Along the way, he has achieved growth with the bank, from the branch office to the headquarter departments and divisions, the audit division, to the vice general manager. He is expected to be a positive contribution to the bank’s future development. Under Chairman’s leadership last year, the bank accomplished the surplus and various goals despite the impact of the pandemic. In 2020, the surplus amounted to NT$10.9 billion, achieving 115% of the statutory budget target, with excellent asset quality. The overrun ratio only accounted for 0.15%, and the coverage ratio was 1065%, the best in years. At the same time, in conjunction with the government policies, the bank has assisted the industry in conducting relief loans. It received the “Excellent Domestic Banks in Accelerating Relief and Revitalization Loan Plans” awarded by the Financial Supervisory Commission. R.O.C. (Taiwan); it has also actively promoted the “Public Banks Collaborating in the Trillion-dollar Revitalization” financing plans to assist in enterprise transformation and upgrade. In 2020, the bank was rated by the Financial Supervisory Commission. R.O.C. (Taiwan) as the “number one bank in conducting SMEs lending. It also received the honor of “Special Awards for Balanced Regional Development” in central and southern Taiwan. The domestic economy and finance are still under the impact of the pandemic this year, full of uncertainty. In the fiercely competitive and ever-changing financial environment, in addition to fully cooperating with government policies, in compliance with Chairman Hsieh’s expectations and planning, the bank will move towards the five major directions of “business digitalization,” “credit balance,” “profit diversification,” “talent excellence,” and “corporate social responsibility implementation” under the premise of meeting internal control and legal compliance. Upholding the philosophy of ESG sustainable management, the bank emphasizes environmental maintenance and corporate social responsibility, strengthens corporate governance, fulfills the principle of fair dealing, promotes labor harmony, and accommodates employee interests, thereby seeking sustainable corporate development. In the future, the bank shall work with all the employees to further strengthen the bank’s competitiveness on the basis of the bank’s excellent traditions. It will continue to move towards the philosophy of “ampleness, harmony, enthusiasm, and innovation.”
    Last updated: 2021/04/22
  • In support of the “National Greenliving Policy” of the Environmental Protection Administration of the Executive Yuan, the Land Bank of Taiwan has taken practical action by joining the ranks of institutions participating in the EPA-led “Fong Cha Station” to provide free public water refill stations, “fong cha” meaning “to serve tea” and representing Taiwanese hospitality. Starting today, 151 branches of the bank across Taiwan will offer complimentary water fountains to the public. An app called “Water Refill Map” is available for download on both the iOS and Android systems and provides information on nearby drinking fountains. In an effort to reduce the consumption of bottled water and support environmental protection efforts, members of the public are encouraged to bring containers to fetch potable water, and together put “green living” into concrete action. In recent years, plastic reduction has become a global consensus and common goal. According to the latest statistics, Taiwan consumes 4.7 billion PET bottles per year, of which 1 billion are used for bottled water products. From production to disposal, these plastic products continue to produce harmful and toxic compounds that result in environmental pollution. While the recycling rate of PET bottles is as high as 95% in Taiwan, the remaining 5% still causes serious damage to the marine environment and natural ecology. Taiwan is a small and densely populated island country; in order to strive for sustainable development, maintaining a healthy marine environment has never been more urgent. The Land Bank of Taiwan is a 100% state-owned banking institution under the Ministry of Finance. In addition to its continued focus on core banking operations, the bank has long cooperated with the government’s energy conservation efforts and carbon reduction goals through internal and external programs. By participating in the “Fong Cha” initiative and offering free drinking fountains in its branches across Taiwan, the Land Bank hopes to contribute to the building of a “water resource network” across the island through resource sharing, so that people can have easy access to potable water without the need to buy bottled water when outdoors. This will serve to strengthen the positive force of plastic reduction right from the source, and create a role model of “green finance”.
    Last updated: 2021/03/22
  • The 2nd round of 2021 TOYOTA Thailand International Badminton Open of the Badminton World Federation (BWF) was held in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, from 19th January to 24th January. Riding on the momentum from winning at YONEX Thailand Badminton Open (Super 1000) last week, Chi-Lin Wang and Yang Li, our badminton team, had beaten the Indonesian men's double duo by 2-1 at TOYOTA Thailand Badminton Open semi-finals. The Indonesian duo has won the Olympic and World Championship, currently sitting at world ranked 2. Riding on the momentum, the Lin-Yang duo even defeated the Malaysian duo in the finals, breaking a new record by winning 2 consecutive top tournaments with outstanding performance. To fulfill LBOT corporate responsibilities, the Bank has established badminton and tennis teams and is committed to selecting and training outstanding young players as reserve players. The Bank provides players with life care so that they can concentrate on improving their skills. Due to the bank’s hard work over a long period of time, LBOT has become an important trainer of national badminton players. In recent years, the bank has been actively participating in international tournaments to gain experience from foreign competition and improve our skills. The bank aims to break more records and wins glory for the country by winning medals at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, which will be held in 2021.
    Last updated: 2021/02/25
  • The previous headquarters of the Bank is located at Taipei City's Xiangyang Road. In 2005, the Bank cooperated with National Taiwan Museum, and the museum is in charge of restoring the monuments, and subsequent operation and management of the building. Officially opened as "Land Bank Exhibition Hall" in 2010, the museum's exhibition themes include "History of Land Bank of Taiwan" and "Paleontology Exhibition-Epics of life, the evolution", which is about paleontology and evolution. It is ideal place for learning about the origin of life on earth, and Taiwan's endemic species, and it is popular with both parents and children.   To give the children a fantasy tour of the museum, the Bank cooperated with National Taiwan Museum in organizing a two-day  "Overnight in Jurassic Park" charity event, inviting about 30 children from Ministry of the Interior Northern Region Children’s Home.   On August 16, the day of the event, the children visited the museum, observed the fossils of trilobites, mesozoic dinosaurs and cenozoic mammals at a close distance, dressed as different kinds of animals, and had a fun time with personnel from the headquarters. They were treated to an exciting magic show and stayed the night at the "Land Bank Exhibition Hall" with the dinosaurs. On August 17, the children had a knowledgeable trip through a stroll with the guides in the city of Taipei, where they listened to the history and stories of the city, and visited the only Government -owned camphor factory in Taiwan during the Japanese colonial period. The Bank hopes to give the children a memorable summer vacation through this exciting and interesting activity. Most importantly, it hopes that these children are able to remember the happy moments, and experience the beauty of the world.   The Bank is a wholly state-owned bank under the Ministry of Finance. Besides being dedicated in its core financial business, it also concerns for the less privileged and contributes to the community. Through this interesting educational activity, it hopes to  make the less privileged children feel the warmth of the society, as well as encourage the public to participate in more charitable activities.
    Last updated: 2019/08/30
  • The 2019 Spain masters, BWF World Tour Super 300, was held in Barcelona, Spain, from February 19 to February 24. Wang Chi-Lin and Lee Yang of the Badminton Team of Land Bank of Taiwan teamed up for the first time to participate in this international event. They beat the top 5 players of the world and won a gold medal. Wang also won another silver medal in the mixed doubles with Cheng Chi-Ya. These two teams performed splendidly in their debut and yielded successful result.   The Bank has organized the badminton team and tennis team to sort out and train outstanding young people as reserve team players as an integral part of the performance of corporate social responsibility. The Bank also takes care of their daily lives so that they may indulge in training and fine-tune their skill in the game. The prolonged effort of the Bank counted and made the Bank the cradle for the development of badminton players in Taiwan. These players have participated in many international events over the years and have learned much from these games. They hoped they could win again in the “2020 Tokyo Olympics” and hit new record for Taiwan.
    Last updated: 2019/03/08