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  • With the business philosophy of "abundance, harmony, enthusiasm and innovation", the Bank has always supported the cultural and creative industries. In order to show our support with practical actions, we held a private glove puppetry show for the movie "So Hoan-chin" released by Pili International Multimedia Co., Ltd. on January 12, 2022, inviting customers to participate in this rare cultural feast. On the day of the event, more than 300 guests attended the grand occasion. In her speech, Chairman Hsieh mentioned that the TV broadcast of the glove puppetry had attracted millions of viewers and that the glove puppetry is a precious traditional culture in Taiwan. Pili International Multimedia continues to innovate and promote the art, and the Bank is taking practical actions to show our commitment to cherishing culture and support for the cultural and creative industries. In addition to our core real estate business, the Bank has expanded the corporate credit business in recent years, and has been actively promoting the financing business for "small and medium-sized enterprises", "5+2 industrial transformation plan", and "preferential loans for cultural and creative industries".  In the future, we will continue to operate in a proactive, stable and diversified manner, promoting financial inclusion through financial technology innovation, humanistic care and ethical values, and advancing towards the goal of being an all-round quality financial institution.
    Last updated: 2022/01/22
  • The Ministry of Education (MOE) held the "2021 Sports Activist Awards commendation ceremony" on November 25 at the Ball Room on the 2nd floor of the Grand Mayfull Hotel Taipei to thank the corporate groups and individuals who have supported the development of sports in Taiwan. For the 13th consecutive year since 2009, the Bank has been awarded the "Sponsorship Award Gold Class”, “Sponsorship Award Long-Term Sponsorship Award”, and “Promotion Award Gold Class" by the MOE's Sports Activist Awards. Chuan-Chuan Hsieh, Chairperson of the Board of Directors of the Bank, was present to receive the award on behalf of the Bank. In line with the government's policy, the Bank has been actively promoting ball sports, has been nurturing base level athletes, and has established first division badminton and tennis teams, which have participated in major international competitions, and won numerous awards. In addition, the Bank has cooperated with many schools for the development of tennis and badminton education, sparing no effort in nurturing outstanding young players in badminton and tennis, including Yunlin County Siluo Junior High School, Taoyuan City Guangming Junior High School, New Taipei City Neng Ren Home Economic And Commercial Vocational High School, Tainan City Dawan Senior High School, National Tsing Hua University, University of Taipei and New Taipei City Sanchong Senior High School, Tainan City Shanhua Senior High School, Kaohsiung City Sanmin Senior High School, etc. The Bank holds tennis and badminton summer camps every year. This year, due to the pandemic, we were unable to do so. However, the Bank has not forgotten the original intention of giving back to the society, and held a series of online "Badminton, I'm coming" and a series of public welfare teaching activities around to spread the spirit of badminton. The public welfare education activities were targeted at young students from senior high schools, junior high schools, elementary schools and underprivileged groups, and have been well received and demonstrated the Bank’s fulfillment in its corporate social responsibility for badminton and tennis. The Bank has been working hard for many years on sports for all and has received good results. For example, Chi-Lin Wang and Yang Lee won the men's doubles championship in 3 consecutive tournaments including the BWF World Tour Finals in Thailand in February this year and the BWF Grade 2 Events (1000) Series, and won the men's doubles gold medal in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, which is the first gold medal in the history of the Olympic ball sports for Taiwan. Tennis reserve player En-Shuo Liang also won the 2021 WTA Women's Tennis Tour (USA-Charleston) doubles championship, winning glory for the country.
    Last updated: 2021/12/29
  • In response to the government's objective of reaching a 90% mobile payment penetration rate by 2025, the Bank is actively developing the mobile payment market to create a zero-touch ecosystem. In accordance with the principle of inclusive finance, the Bank offered zero-touch mobile payment utilities in Taipei City public Chenggong Market, Xinglong Market, Zhongyan Market, Changchun Market, Zhongli Xingguo Market, and Lukang Miaokou and other business districts, where people use cash to make purchases in their daily lives. This is to avoid the risk of spreading viruses through cash transactions and allow people to experience a secure, fast and convenient mobile payment service.   In addition, the Bank and Yilan County's distinctive tourist factories and cultural and creative parks are jointly organizing the "Yilan Fun, Sightseeing Easy PAY" campaign, with participating businesses including rural wineries that feature knowledge, skills, leisure and a taste of green life. When the epidemic restrictions are slightly lifted and people are relaxing on their weekends, they can experience DIY activities, making “souvenirs” such as handmade bubble tea and smoked duck to take home. From now until December 31, 2021, consumers can receive a 10% rebate on every single purchase by tying a financial card or account to make a payment with Taiwan Pay, with a maximum rebate of NT$200 per financial card or account during the campaign period, with a total rebate limit of NT$250,000. In line with the government's efforts to revitalize the economy and stimulate consumption, the Bank is offering multiple bonus offers to customers who bind Taiwan Pay with their quintuple stimulus vouchers, including a "quintuple stimulus vouchers bundling gift" of NT$800 (fully booked), NT$500 (still available, please seize the opportunity) and NT$300 (unlimited), and "first transaction gift" of NT$100. In addition, all customers of Taiwan Pay can enjoy 2% regular rebate on each purchase, in addition to the "ministry add-on gift" (NT$2,000 digital rebate, according to the announcement of each ministry), store bonus gift (up to 20% rebate at designated stores) and NT$10 million lucky draw (up to NT$1,010,000 for the winner). It is hoped to promote digital spending during the epidemic through a series of highly preferential programs, and at the same time to support stores to boost consumption and revitalize the economy together. Please refer to the Bank's official website for details of the campaign. The Bank has been actively involved in the development of financial technology and working hard in the field of digital finance, and has continued to introduce digital financial services in various areas. During the epidemic, the Bank promoted zero-touch services and introduced Taiwan Pay scanning transactions to create mobile payment applications and encourage consumers to use Taiwan Pay to prevent the spread of the virus, and provided "cell phone number money transfer" and scanning money withdrawal services. Customers can replace their hard-to-remember bank account numbers with cell phone numbers, which greatly raises the convenience of inter-bank money transfers. People can easily withdraw money by scanning QR codes with their cell phones at ATMs with scanning money withdrawal services, speeding up the process of cardless money withdrawal services, providing diversified and innovative digital financial services, and creating a better digital financial landscape for customers.
    Last updated: 2021/11/30
  • On August 31, a morning launch conference for the “Lin-Yang Badminton Affinity Card” was held by the Land Bank of Taiwan. Wang Chi-Lin and Lee yang, the duo featured on the card who are also members of Land Bank’s badminton team were both invited to take part in the launch as well. The Lank Bank chose to launch the eagerly anticipated affinity card a full month after their Olympic glory to not only highlight the symbolic value of the card but also remind everyone in Taiwan of that inspirational moment a month ago.   During her speech, Land Bank Chairperson Chuan-chuan Hsieh said that a lot of effort took place behind the scenes including obtaining approvals from the Olympic Committee and VISA to make the Lin-Yang Badminton Affinity Card a reality. She thanked VISA in particular for making it possible for the new credit card  to be unveiled a month after the duo’s crowning moment.   At the press conference, Land Bank Chairperson Chuan-chuan Hsieh and President Ying-Ming He joined Wang Chi-lin and Lee yang for the card unveiling ceremony. The new card issued by Land Bank comes in two versions. Both feature the “Hawkeye line-call” from the match point of the final game as their main motif on the front of the game. One version shows Lin and Yang swinging their racquet, while the other shows them raising their arms in triumph. Members of the public can choose their preferred design. Stand out features of the credit card include its representation of an Olympic gold medal win and the Tokyo Olympics logo. The card also embodies and communicates to every card-holder the Lin-Yang spirit of never giving up. Land Bank will also donate 0.25% from all transactions made with the card to the domestic development of badminton so that it can become a national sport. The card is made from eco-friendly materials as well in support of the global trend towards energy conservation and carbon reduction. In addition to encouraging the general public to opt for electronic statements, online applications will be the favored method of application.   Land Bank has launched a range of promotional offers to celebrate the duo’s Olympic win such as mobile payments by digital banking customers, champion lucky spin and value/dollar-cost-averaging fund investments; to support the upcoming “5-times stimulus coupon” being issued by the Executive Yuan, Land Bank indicated that new customers that apply for the affinity card and sign onto a plan will go into the draw to meet Lin-Yang in person (share a meal or play badminton together). Details of the promotion can be found on the Land Bank website.
    Last updated: 2021/09/28
  • On the morning of August 19, the Bank held a ceremony to recognize the winners of the Gold Medal in Badminton Men's Doubles at the 2020 Summer Olympics, Wang Chi-Lin and Lee Yang, who were also the members of the Bank's Badminton Team and their coaches at the Bank's Head Office. Due to the epidemic situation, the maximum number of participants for the event was 50, so we could not let the other guests have a chance to see these two heroes in person, but we still tried our best to present a magnificent and warm atmosphere in the ceremony. We sincerely hope that LINYANG can feel the warm welcome and honor from the whole bank to both of them.     In the recognition ceremony, all the senior officers of the Bank were present; in addition, we announced the promotion of Wang Chi-Lin and Lee Yang for their achievements. The Chairman of the Board, Chuan-Chuan Hsieh, said in her speech that the Bank is a 100% owned by the government and in order to fulfill its corporate responsibility, the Bank has been continuously training badminton players for 45 years and organizing badminton camps and other promotional activities for years. Thanks to the hard work and dedication from the coaches and players, the team has been able to achieve excellent results and win the gold medal for Taiwan at the 2020 Summer Olympic. As the Chairman of the Board, she is so  proud and honored! During the ceremony, the Chairman of the Board Chuan-Chuan Hsieh awarded $500,000 cash prize each to LIN and YANG. The President of the Bank, Ying-Ming Ho presented $300,000 cash prize to the team coach Hong-Lin Chen and $100,000 cash prize to the head coach Song-Yuan Lee.     At the end of the ceremony, the young players of the badminton team met with Lin and Yang and they presented flowers to LINYANG, who also gave back a badminton racket to them. Their sense of humor made  the event heartwarming and joyful. This special moment is a symbol of inheritance, we hope that they can pass on their determination of “working together and making a name for themselves" to our team, so that our badminton team can continue to win for the country again.     In order to celebrate the victory of the badminton players, Wang Chi-Lin and Lee Yang, the Bank will launch a series of special promotions for customers, such as mobile payment for digital deposit customers, championship spinning and fund application and so on. We have prepared a number of prizes, such as the autographed racket of Wang Chi-Lin and Lee Yang, to be drawn by customers who will participate in these activities; we hope that our customers can share the joy and victory with us.
    Last updated: 2021/08/31
  • The previous headquarters of the Bank is located at Taipei City's Xiangyang Road. In 2005, the Bank cooperated with National Taiwan Museum, and the museum is in charge of restoring the monuments, and subsequent operation and management of the building. Officially opened as "Land Bank Exhibition Hall" in 2010, the museum's exhibition themes include "History of Land Bank of Taiwan" and "Paleontology Exhibition-Epics of life, the evolution", which is about paleontology and evolution. It is ideal place for learning about the origin of life on earth, and Taiwan's endemic species, and it is popular with both parents and children.   To give the children a fantasy tour of the museum, the Bank cooperated with National Taiwan Museum in organizing a two-day  "Overnight in Jurassic Park" charity event, inviting about 30 children from Ministry of the Interior Northern Region Children’s Home.   On August 16, the day of the event, the children visited the museum, observed the fossils of trilobites, mesozoic dinosaurs and cenozoic mammals at a close distance, dressed as different kinds of animals, and had a fun time with personnel from the headquarters. They were treated to an exciting magic show and stayed the night at the "Land Bank Exhibition Hall" with the dinosaurs. On August 17, the children had a knowledgeable trip through a stroll with the guides in the city of Taipei, where they listened to the history and stories of the city, and visited the only Government -owned camphor factory in Taiwan during the Japanese colonial period. The Bank hopes to give the children a memorable summer vacation through this exciting and interesting activity. Most importantly, it hopes that these children are able to remember the happy moments, and experience the beauty of the world.   The Bank is a wholly state-owned bank under the Ministry of Finance. Besides being dedicated in its core financial business, it also concerns for the less privileged and contributes to the community. Through this interesting educational activity, it hopes to  make the less privileged children feel the warmth of the society, as well as encourage the public to participate in more charitable activities.
    Last updated: 2019/08/30
  • The 2019 Spain masters, BWF World Tour Super 300, was held in Barcelona, Spain, from February 19 to February 24. Wang Chi-Lin and Lee Yang of the Badminton Team of Land Bank of Taiwan teamed up for the first time to participate in this international event. They beat the top 5 players of the world and won a gold medal. Wang also won another silver medal in the mixed doubles with Cheng Chi-Ya. These two teams performed splendidly in their debut and yielded successful result.   The Bank has organized the badminton team and tennis team to sort out and train outstanding young people as reserve team players as an integral part of the performance of corporate social responsibility. The Bank also takes care of their daily lives so that they may indulge in training and fine-tune their skill in the game. The prolonged effort of the Bank counted and made the Bank the cradle for the development of badminton players in Taiwan. These players have participated in many international events over the years and have learned much from these games. They hoped they could win again in the “2020 Tokyo Olympics” and hit new record for Taiwan.
    Last updated: 2019/03/08