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  • The Bank will adjust the deposit rate effective on June 20, 2022 in response to the market interest rate level and the Bank's capital position. The adjustment is shown in the attached table. The deposit interest rates are adjusted as follows: The variable and fixed interest rate on regular time deposits for all terms increased by 0.125%. The interest rate for demand deposits is changed from 0.080% to 0.205%, representing an increase of 0.125%. The interest rate on saving deposits is changed from 0.180% to 0.325%, representing an increase of 0.145%. The interest rate on payroll direct deposits is changed from 0.260% to 0.385%, representing an increase of 0.125%. The interest rate for securities account savings deposits remains unchanged at 0.010%. The variable and fixed interest rate on “large” time deposits for all terms increased by 0.120%~0.155%
    Last updated: 2022/06/30
  • To enhance environmental and social (E&S) risk management along with the global financial industry and to assist corporate partners moving towards sustainable operation, Land Bank of Taiwan (LBOT) officially signed to join the Equator Principles Association on June 14th, 2022 as the 7th among the state-owned banks in Taiwan . In the future, LBOT will work together with corporate partners to fulfill the spirit of ESG and sustainable finance through incorporating the Equator Principles into its credit management system.   The Equator Principles is a risk management framework, adopted by financial institutions, for determining, assessing and managing environmental and social risk in projects and is primarily intended to provide a minimum standard for due diligence and monitoring to support responsible risk decision-making. After joining the Equator Principles Association, LBOT will assess the E&S risks of project financing and project-related corporate loans, and conduct regular follow-up monitoring to avoid causing major risks to the environment and the society.   Climate change has posed more and more severe risks to the industries, and has become a challenge to corporates around the world. Thus, it is important that the financial industry be the driver for industrial transformation. In terms of green finance, LBOT has been promoting financing in green energy and industries outlined in the domestic “5+2 innovative industries plan” and has issued its first sustainability bond in 2021. LBOT joins hands with green and sustainable industries to create new economic momentum, encouraging industrial development towards low-carbon transition and enhancing industrial resilience with the power of financing.   Joining the Equator Principles Association is an important milestone for LBOT on our way to sustainable development. In the future, LBOT will actively align with the global trends in sustainable finance, and keep up with the spirit of integrity, steady growth and sustainable development to commit to the solid practice of corporate social responsibility.
    Last updated: 2022/06/14
  • The Bank oversaw the arrangement of the syndicated loan provided to Green River Holding Co. Ltd. (Green River) and has successfully raised the required funds. The loan was oversubscribed by 108% by all the participating banks, ending in the final amount of US$195 million; the syndicated loan agreement was signed on May 4, 2022. The funds raised in this case is for repaying loans from financial institutions and corporate bonds issued in 2017, and to increase Green River’s working capital. The Bank acts as the lead bank, while Bank of Taiwan, Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Taiwan Business Bank, and Chang Hwa Bank serve as the participants in this three-year syndicated loan for a total amount of US$195 million. It is obvious that all banks have recognized and affirmed the company's long-term operations in a pragmatic manner. Green River started with the processing of natural rubber solid wood panels. As it is optimistic about the development potential of the melamine faced chipboard (MFC) market, it has realized that the production of MFC can increase the use efficiency of wood. It also enjoys the advantage of accessing raw materials as Thailand is the richest in rubber wood resources. The company, with its excellent corporate management and technical advantages, has transformed itself into a business engaging in the automated production of MFC, and has now become the first Thai foreign-funded enterprise in Asia that produces both MFC and solid wood panels. MFC products are widely used, mainly adopted in system furniture, kitchen and bathroom furniture, green buildings, and eco-friendly composite building materials. The company recycles rubber wood scraps (roots, bark, etc.) that are originally used as fuel to make MFC, to recycle and reuse resources, and achieve green and sustainable development of the natural environment. Meanwhile, the ESG concept has been actively promoted in the production processes in recent years. In addition to adopting the latest low-energy consumption continuous press machines, it is the first MFC company in Southeast Asia that has adopted the wet electrostatic precipitator (WESP). The company also purifies and recycles the dust and exhaust gas that may be emitted from the production process, so its dust emission is significantly lower than the local standard in Thailand. The dust recycled and purified can also be used as fuel, thereby reducing the environmental pollution caused by the use of fossil fuels. It is clear that the company proactively responds to environmental issues and global concerns. The Bank has been actively engaging in business transformation. In addition to the original core business in real estate, we continue to promote the financing business to respond to the 5+2 Key Innovative Industries Policy, the New Southbound Policy, the Urban Renewal Policy, and the Old and Dangerous Building Reconstruction Policy. In addition, the Bank has vigorously promoted the financing business for the green energy industries to work with green and sustainable development industries to jointly create new momentum for economic growth. In the future, the Bank will continue to develop the business with a proactive, stable and diversified approach to become an excellent financial institution.
    Last updated: 2022/06/10
  • The 2022 National Badminton Team Championship was held at Pingtung County Stadium from April 10 to 20. In the final match on April 17, the Bank's A team defeated Tai Sounds A team 3-2 to win the men's team championship for the sixth time after a four-year absence; the Land Bank Team won the men's A Division championships in 2008, 2009, 2013,2014 and 2018. As a 100% state-owned bank, the Land Bank of Taiwan (LBT) has always spared no effort in fulfilling its corporate social responsibility and has been nurturing badminton players for 45 years. Along the way, through the hard work and perseverance of the coaches and players, the team has won many international tournaments, such as the YONEX and TOYOTA Thailand Open in 2021 and the triple crowns during the BWF World Tour Finals in 2020. During the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, the players won the first ever men's doubles gold medal for Taiwan and in 2022, again won the men's A Division in the National Badminton Team Championships, the most prestigious badminton tournament in Taiwan. This achievement exemplifies LBT’s longstanding efforts in promoting badminton. The LBT has been working hard on grassroots athletics and the team has been training hard step by step to achieve solid results. To fulfill its corporate responsibility, the LBT has established a badminton and tennis team and expanded its roster of players since last year (2021). It is committed to selecting and training outstanding young players as regular and reserve players and providing them with care at home so that they can focus on improving their skills. As a result of the long term efforts, the team has become an important training cradle for national players. In recent years, the team has been actively participating in international tournaments to gain experience and hone skills in order to win medals and glory for the nation.
    Last updated: 2022/04/29
  • To shine the spotlight on stories of companies committed to sustainable development and corporate social responsibility, the Taipei Golden Eagle Micro-Movie Festival, organized by the Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy (TAISE), now on its sixth year, encourages companies to use new and visual microfilm to promote sustainability awareness and communicate sustainability achievements to the public. The organizer today announced the list of winners in an online award ceremony. In this highly contested event with many benchmark organizations, the Land Bank of Taiwan (LBT), despite participating in this competition for the first time, stood out and won the best online popularity award with the corporate image video "Establish a Good Foundation for Sustainable Operations." The LBT's award-winning microfilm, "Establish a Good Foundation for Sustainable Operations," features interviews with people, interspersed with the daily life of the bank’s corporate badminton team members and illustrates the LBT's long history of cultivating and training grassroots players and gradually improving the management system of the badminton team. A key highlight in the film is the appearance of the men's doubles gold medal-winning players from the Tokyo Olympics, Wang Chi-Lin and Li Yang, as well as team coach Li Song-Yuan, to convey the sentiment of mutual interaction and mentoring between players and coaches and the gradual establishment of a team culture of excellence. The award also recognizes the bank's efforts to fulfill its corporate social responsibility and contribute to social sustainability. As a state-owned bank, the Land Bank of Taiwan not only focuses on its core financial industry, but also on giving back to the community. In the future, the bank will continue to nurture sports talents, strengthen cooperation with key schools for work study programs and organize annual youth summer camps for badminton and tennis to support the development of the sport in Taiwan. In addition, the LBT has established a Sustainable Development Committee, chaired by the Chairman of the Board of Directors, to draw up a sustainable management blueprint through six major areas, including "sustainable finance, customer rights, employee care, corporate governance, environmental sustainability and social participation." The bank also actively implements various environmental, social and corporate governance objectives from top to bottom, demonstrating the LBT's management philosophy of ESG social inclusion and the pursuit of sustainable development.
    Last updated: 2022/04/29
  • In order to let the patients with rare diseases enjoy badminton, the Bank and Taiwan Foundation for Rare Disorders co-hosted a charity event called “I'm Here to Love Land and Stand Up for Rare Diseases - 2022 Badminton Camp” on the eve of Rare Diseases Day. The event was held in the afternoon of February 19 at the Bank's badminton court. The opening ceremony was hosted by the Bank's Executive Vice President, Mr. Hsueh-Chih Tseng and the founder of the Taiwan Foundation for Rare Disorders, Ms. Li-Yin Chen.  Many of the patients that attended the event were playing badminton for the first time ever. They were very excited to meet with the Tokyo Olympic Doubles Gold Medalists, Chi-Lin Wang and Yang Lee, as well as our coaching team. The event not only allowed the patients to enjoy badminton, but also helped them to learn the spirit of the players to fight hard on the court, which greatly boosted the patients’ self-confidence. The Bank usually holds the annual summer badminton and tennis camps for the public. Unfortunately, the Bank was unable to hold the camps last year due to the pandemic, but the Bank did not forget its original intention of giving back to the community by holding online and on-site "I'm Here for Badminton" and a series of public education activities to promote badminton to different places, including high school, junior high school, elementary school and disadvantaged groups. The Bank's efforts to promote badminton and tennis to the community have been fulfilled its corporate social responsibility and have been greatly appreciated by the public.   For 13 consecutive years, the Bank has been awarded the Sports Activist Awards by the Ministry of Education in the categories of Sponsorship Award Gold Class, Long Term Sponsorship Award and Gold Promotion Award. The Bank has been actively engaged in the training for athletes in various fields over the years and has achieved excellent results. For example, two members of the badminton team, Chi-Lin Wang and Yang Lee, won the 2020BWF Grand Final champion and 3 champions in 2 stations for Super Series (1000) in 2021. They also won the gold medal in men's doubles in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, which is the first medal in the ball game category and the first gold medal in the Olympics for Taiwan. En-Shou Liang, a reserve member of the tennis team, also won the doubles championship at the 2021 WTA Women's Tennis Tour (Charleston, USA), which is a great honor for our country.
    Last updated: 2022/03/30
  • The Bank will adjust deposit rate effective on March 21, 2022 in response to the market interest rate level and the Bank's capital position. The adjustment is shown in the attached table. The interest rates are adjusted as follows: (1) The variable interest rate on regular time deposits for all terms increased by 0.245% to 0.255%. (2) The regular time deposit fixed interest rate for all terms increased by 0.250% to 0.300%. (3) The interest rate on demand deposits is changed from 0.050% to 0.080%, representing an increase of 0.030%. (4) The interest rate on saving deposits is changed from 0.150% to 0.180%, representing an increase of 0.030%. (5) The interest rate on payroll direct deposits is changed from 0.180% to 0.260%, representing an increase of 0.080%. (6) The interest rate on investment saving deposits is changed from 0.005% to 0.010%, representing an increase of 0.005%.
    Last updated: 2022/03/30
  • To encourage the public to use zero-contact mobile payment tools and create more opportunities for daily use, our bank is organizing a promotional campaign, “Bonus Points for Using Taiwan Pay at Hualien Dongdamen Night Market”. A rebate of 20% is offered to users of Taiwan Pay at designated booths and booths on Lunar New Year Street at Hualien Dongdamen Night Market from January 20, 2022, to April 30, 2022. To promote this campaign, our Vice President Yu Li-Ling joined the opening ceremony of “2022 Hualien Lunar New Year Street” with colleagues from the Department of Electronic Banking and the Hualien branch. “2022 Hualien Lunar New Year Street” next to Hualien Dongdamen Night Market is the annual festival event organized by the Hualien County Government. This lunar new year activity creates a merry atmosphere for the holiday season, encourages consumer spending and promotes quality agriculture products and local specialty goods of Hualien. It is an occasion for the locals to shop for the lunar new year. The opening ceremony on January 26, 2022, was chaired by Mr. Hsu Chen-Wei, Hualien County Mayor. Our Vice President Ms. Yu also went on the stage to introduce Taiwan Pay to the audience and promote the campaign “Bonus Points for Using Taiwan Pay at Hualien Dongdamen Night Market”. To encourage the audience to use Taiwan Pay, a limited number of giveaways were handed out to those who presented Taiwan Pay transaction receipts on the day. Our bank welcomes everybody to come and shop at Hualien Dongdamen Night Market during the campaign period and support “Bonus Points for Using Taiwan Pay at Hualien Dongdamen Night Market”. Using Taiwan Pay for scan for zero-contact transactions blocks the virus transmission and earns users 20% cashback to purchase goods and enjoy food. Moreover, a 2% bonus point and Taiwan Pay service charge exemption are provided to the users of mobile payment offered by our bank and the other seven state-owned banks. Please kindly download our bank’s Mobile Banking app or Taiwan Mobile Payment app and activate Taiwan Pay functions. In addition to this campaign, Taiwan Pay also organizes multiple thematic activities and offers incentives. All the perks will be yours as long as you use Taiwan Pay!
    Last updated: 2022/02/23
  • Our bank has established inseparable connections with the land and the farmers of Taiwan because of our prior collaboration with the government for land reforms. To deepen our bond with this land and the farmers, we have been purchasing agricultural products in season and supporting local small farmers during recent years. When pineapple sugar apples were coming into season, China’s General Administration of Customs announced the import suspension of Taiwan’s pineapple sugar apples, which might affect the income of the farmers. We are standing with Taiwanese farmers by organizing the “Sweet Pineapple Sugar Apples; Land Bank for Sweet Homes” campaign and purchasing pineapple sugar apples as gifts to customers or social welfare groups to help the farmers get through the difficulty. As a state-owned bank with a long history, we are dedicated to our core business in banking and supporting the government policy in labor reliefs and SME (small and medium enterprise) loans. We strive no efforts in our care for this land. When fruit farmers in Taiwan need assistance, we are always there to help. We hope our initiative inspires society and the public to support domestic agriculture products and the agricultural industry in Taiwan!
    Last updated: 2022/02/23