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  • Introduction to the Equator Principes

The Equator Principles, which were announced by the Equator Principles Association in 2003, provide financial institutions with the standards and evaluation framework of financing process to identify, assess and manage the environmental and social risks for significant project financing.

To implement the promise of enterprise sustainable development, Land Bank has become a formal member of the Equator Principles on June 14, 2022, and wholly complies with the 10 Principles of the Equator Principles.

The Equator Principles Association website:

  • Impementation Procedure of the Equator Principles

To cooperate with the standards of the Equator Principles, Land Bank formulates the Land Bank Equator Principles Credit Applications Directions along with related operation processes and sets up the Environmental and Social Risks Team, which is responsible for assessing the environmental and social risks of the Equator Principles credit applications and submitting the Environmental and Social Risks Underwriting Report to the level authorized for reviewing and approving to assure that the credit applications abide by the related requirements of Equator Principles and the environmental and social regulations to fulfill social responsibility of the bank.

The credit application procedure

  • Internal training

To make each unit familiar with the mechanism related to the Equator Principles and the added forms, the Land Bank commissioned an external consultant to conduct two training courses for the environmental and social risk team and all the business branches in 2022 to deepen our colleagues' awareness of environmental and social risks and fully implement the Equator Principles.

Last update date:2023/07/25