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※ This website is designed according to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

Alt+UUpper block, containing the links to the services of this site.

Alt+CCenter block, providing the principal information of the page.

Alt+LLeft anchor(L) - Opens up the left sidebar menu.

Alt+ZBottom block, providing the principal information of the page.

Alt+U:The upper functional block, including loans, credit cards and digital finance, etc.
Alt+S:Website Integration Search Block。
Alt+C:The central content block is the main content area of this website。
Alt+Z:lower functional block。

If your browser is Firefox,How to use the shortcut key is Alt+Shift+key ,e.g. Alt+Shift+C will jump to the central block of the page, and so on。

Also, if you are MAC user, the method of using the shortcut key is Control+Option+key

If none of the above methods can be used, it is recommended to check whether there is a custom shortcut key.

※ When the project tab on this website can not mouse click, you can use the following keyboard browsing data

Windows Linux Mac
Firefox Alt + Shift + key On Firefox 57 or newer: Control + Option + key or Control + Alt + key
On Firefox 14 or newer: Control + Alt + key
On Firefox 13 or older: Control + key
Internet Explorer Alt + key
Alt + Shift + key
Edge N/A Control + Option + key
Control + Option + Shift + key
Google Chrome Alt + key
Safari N/A
Opera 15+ Alt + key Control + Alt + key
Opera 12 Shift + Esc opens a contents list which are accessible by accesskey, then, can choose an item by pressing key
※When the item tab of this website cannot be selected with the mouse, you can use the following keyboard operations to browse the information:

:Press the left and right keys or the up and down keys to move the tab order。

Tab:After staying on this tab, you can use theTabkey to jump to the content to browse the data, please use it when encountering the radio button (radio) or key to move item order。

Tab + Shift:according to Tab + ShiftYou can jump back to the previous data; when you jump back to the label item, you can continue to use it or key to move label order。