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Enjoy 15% Cash Back on Public Transportation With Land Bank’s JCB iPASS

Looking to make your money go further? Land Bank launched the “Get 15% cash back on public transportation with JCB iPASS” promotion, running from December 1, 2023 to May 31, 2024. Cardholders can enjoy 15% cash back when three conditions are met: Use JCB iPASS credit card, spend over NT$100 per month, and use e-statements. The maximum cash back per month per card is NT$100, making you money while you travel.


In a bid to encourage cardholders to do more for the environment, the Bank has been vigorously promoting green consumption. Cardholders can enjoy 15% cash back when three conditions are met: 1. Use of a JCB card issued by the bank (Eternity, Precious, Penghu iPASS Precious, Baishatun Gongtian Temple Precious, IRCAD Precious, Grand Hotel Precious) to travel on public transportation, including MRT, light rail, train, bus, ferry or public bicycle, excluding HSR, regular tickets, or mobile payment; 2. Spend more than NT$100 per month on public transportation using the same credit card; 3. Apply for e-statements.


The maximum cash back per month per card for this promotion is NT$100. Cash back will be debited to the credit card account of the cardholder at the end of the month after two months of spending. The total amount the Bank has set aside for this promotion is NT$1 million and once this has been used up, the promotion will end earlier. This will be announced on the Bank's website.


Since taking office, Hsieh Chuan-Chuan has made “business digitization” as one of her strategic goals. Hsieh has been tirelessly strengthening digital financial services and built a single service platform for personal finance in 2020. The platform integrates services such as personal finance product browsing, calculations, online loan applications, and credit card and limit changes, significantly reducing time and cost for customers and meeting ESG objectives.


As a 100% state-owned bank, the Land Bank has long been investing in digital financial innovation and sustainable development with the concepts of “abundance, harmony, passion, and innovation”. We strive to create a business model that bodes well for the customer and employee with the aim of constructing an ecosystem that coexists and prospers with environmental ecology, industrial development, and the financial sector.


Contact person: Liu Pao-Ling

Tel.: 02-2348-3519

Release date: 2024/01/02 Last updated: 2024/01/02