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  • New Bulletin LBOT First Place in FSC's "Excellent Banks for SME Loans"

    On July 1, 2005, FSC launched the "SME Loan Strengthening Program for Domestic Banks" to encourage long-term partnerships between banks and SMEs, and create a favorable environment for SME financing. The total SME loan balance in 2019 (14th term) is expected to reach NT$ 270 billion. At the end of December 2019, SME loans offered by domestic banks have increased by NT$ 459.9 billion compared with the same period in 2018 with excellent results. Banks with excellent performance have been selected by FSC, using overall and regional SME loan contribution and growth as criteria. The Land Bank of Taiwan is 100% state-owned and fully cooperates with the government in promoting policies that support SMEs, helping SMEs obtain necessary funds. This creates a win-win-win for the government, banks, and enterprises. Thanks to active SME loan promotion from all of its members, LBOT was awarded first place for "Excellent Banks for SME Loans" by the Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC). In addition, LBOT was granted two awards in "Special Awards for Balanced Regional Development"—Central and Southern Region Special Awards for Balanced Regional Development. On June 12, 2020, Executive VP He Ying-ming received the awards on behalf of the bank. LBOT has been actively working on self-transformation in recent years. In addition to existing core operations in real estate, it has expanded into corporate loans and has continued to promote financing operations such as "5+2 Key Innovative Industries", "New Southbound", "Urban Renewal," and "Reconstruction of Unsafe and Old Buildings," etc. This is carried out in conjunction with other operations such as wealth management, JCB cards, and overseas Taiwanese businesses. Also in support of the government's "Action Plan for Welcoming Overseas Taiwanese Businesses to Return to Invest in Taiwan," LBOT is offering NT$ 100 billion in "Taiwanese Business Return Loans" as a comprehensive service for the financing needs of returning Taiwanese businesses. And to assist the government's SME financing policy, a "Small Enterprise Easy Loan" is offered to help generate new economic momentum with business owners. Lastly, in solidarity with businesses and citizens in the fight against COVID-19, LBOT has been active in the cooperation of various relief measures from the government. It launched the "Anti-Epidemic Recovery with Land Bank Support" action plan as a form of financial relief for businesses and individuals affected by the pandemic. In the future, LOBT will continue to advance towards the goal of becoming a comprehensive high-quality financial institution in the direction of positive, stable, and diversified development.
    Last Update: 2020/07/02
  • Land Bank of Taiwan Incarnates its Corporate Culture of Happiness by Uniting the Head Office and Branches

    Since the beginning of 2020, the outbreak of COVID-19 has endangered the health and lives of people in Taiwan. During this period, our colleagues stationed in the Wuhan branch were placed under house quarantine due to the citywide lockdown imposed by the local government since January 23. Not only was the way home for a family reunion blocked, but our branch colleagues were also forced to stay in their residences for 67 straight days; a time in their lives which they would never forget. The Lunar New Year is supposed to be a major holiday for family reunion, especially for our colleagues stationed in foreign land; all of them are looking forward to returning home to reunite with their families. However, Wuhan was placed under a sudden lockdown right before New Year’s Eve as COVID-19 broke out. Although there were chances of returning to Taiwan via chartered planes during the period, our colleagues decided to remain at their posts in order to ensure that the operation was not disrupted, our clients were served, and the assets of the Bank were secured under the severe epidemic situation. Their selfless spirits are truly admirable. Our employees are the most valuable assets of the Bank. Thus during the epidemic lockdown, the heads not only phoned our colleagues several times to express their concerns and provided them with necessary daily living aids, but also extended their regards to every one of our Taiwanese colleague’s family over the phone. The Finance Minister, Mr Su, also video called our colleagues in Wuhan during the business affair meeting to cheer them up, showing our Wuhan branch colleagues the warmth of their home; and by uniting the head office and branches, we have incarnated the corporate culture of happiness and harmony. After the lockdown was lifted, the Wuhan branch reopened on March 30 and passed the interim test of the epidemic. In order to encourage our dutiful clerks, the head office issued a special solatium to them, in hope of improving the operational performance while at the same time uniting everyone to reserve positive energy through devotion to work. As a quality, state-owned financial institution, we hope that we would utilize our strength and bring about further grand achievements. In addition, the three mainland China branches of our bank in Shanghai, Tianjin and Wuhan are now fully operational and ready to provide more complete and convenient financial services for many of our Taiwanese businessmen. All new and old partners from all walks of life are welcomed to apply for these services at our branches.
    Last Update: 2020/05/29