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  • Land Bank of Taiwan's Songshan Branch Relocated & Launched New Services

    With the aim of broadening its range of customer service and providing excellent financial services, the Bank's Songshan Branch relocated to continue operating services at No. 2, Section 1, Dunhua South Road,  Songshan District, Taipei City on Monday, October 12, 2020. In conjunction with the opening, a series of charitable activities were organized to care and give back to the society. On the opening day, invigorating beats from five drums kicked off the opening ceremony, complemented by blessings from God of Fortune and lion dance troupes. The atmosphere was lively and warm as a special public welfare donation ceremony was also arranged to care for the underprivileged community and to fulfill social responsibility.The new Songshan Branch is in the vicinity of Section 2 and Section 3 of Bade Road, and the intersection of Dunhua South Road and Dunhua North Road in Songshan District, which is the nerve center of Taipei City. The location is accessible and infused with commercial buzz, which is conducive to the development of various financial services.In addition to providing state-of-the-art and friendly financial environment, the Branch also offers a comprehensive range of professional financial services such as deposits, loans, remittances, wealth management, etc. Digital devices have also been set up to enable customers to complete transactions instantly through voice tele-banking, online banking, WebATM, mobile app and various electronic financial services, without having to queue for counter service.Along with the commitment to improving the quality of service, the Bank has been unceasingly dedicated to public welfare and to fulfill corporate social responsibility, upholding the purpose of "pursuing sustainable development, striding towards being an excellent financial institution". In order to provide continuous support for the well-being of underprivileged communities, the Bank has progressively collaborated with various county and city governments to administer the “Educational Charity Scholarship and Funding Trust” and "Social Welfare Charity Care Trust", on top of rolling out the "LOHAS Retirement" loan initiative. The Bank relentlessly drives public welfare activities for students with financial difficulties, care for well-being of the elderly and persons with disabilities, exemplifying the public welfare image of pay it forward.Besides providing corporate financing, wealth management, credit cards and offshore banking for Taiwanese businesses, the Bank, which has been established for more than seven decades, recently collaborated with the government in promoting various measures such as pandemic relief and stimulus packages, and achieved commendable results. The Bank showed direct support for enterprises and the general public in the combat against severe and special COVID-19 pandemic by launching various specific relief action plans such as "LOBT Supports Pandemic Prevention and Control and Revitalization of Homeland" to bridge the funding gap facing enterprises and individuals. In an effort to accelerate the revitalization of the domestic economy, the Bank also drove the "Collaboration of Public Banks to Rejuvenate the Economy" financing program and "Youth Entrepreneurship and Startup Loan". By the same token, in response to the government's economic revitalization measures, dedicated counters were set up at all operating sites for the redemption of Triple Stimulus Vouchers. The counters were manned by dedicated personnel to explain and assist in the application, providing "simple, excellent and fast" redemption services. In future, the Bank will actively raise its global competitiveness and stride toward the vision of being a comprehensive and excellent financial institution by embracing "innovation and efficiency" as well as developing diversified corporate management methods.
    Last Update: 2020/11/23
  • Land Bank of Taiwan won the "Best Service Quality Awards'' in the non-financial holding category of the "2020 Best Bank Evaluation"

    "2020 Best Bank Evaluation" is a survey conducted by the Shih Hsin University Polling Center commissioned by the magazine Excellence. This survey is to learn about the cognitive appraisal of nearly 70 domestic banks by the general public over the age of 20 (1,400 valid samples) in various parts of Taiwan through online surveys and telephone interviews. The evaluation includes the current status of the banking industry's image, service, and innovation, and is divided into three categories: financial holdings, non-financial holdings, and foreign banks. Land Bank won the "Best Service Quality Award" in the non-financial holding category, and was invited to participate in the 2020 Best Bank Evaluation Awards Ceremony. On that day (Aug. 11), the Chairman of the Financial Supervisory Commission, Huang Tien-mu, was invited to give an opening speech to encourage the winning banks to continue to improve their services. In addition, the chairman of the Commerce Development Research Institute, Hsu Tain-Tsair, personally presented the awards to the winning banks.   Land Bank is now more than 70 years old, and can be considered as a veteran of the financial industry. Even though the financial environment changes constantly and we had gone through many innovations, our willingness to serve customers never changes. It is this perseverance that drives our outstanding performance in the field of customer service this year.  Following Land Bank's "excellent" rating last year, we were ranked this year (2020) as the top 20% of all banks in the "Evaluation of Treating Customers Fairly Principles" held by Financial Supervisory Commission. This time, we also won the "Best Service Quality Award" in the non-financial holding category of the "2020 Best Bank Evaluation", affirming our effort on providing professional, responsible, thoughtful, and caring services throughout the years.   To continuously improve the quality of customer service, Land Bank has established multiple customer complaint channels to facilitate the delivery of comments and grievance, and has also organized a "Customer Care Committee" to effectively handle customer complaints, which serve as goals for future improvements after being reviewed and analyzed. In addition, we also provide financial-friendly services through physical facilities and internet platforms to implement inclusive financing.   Looking to the future, Land Bank will continue to provide customers with professional and high-quality services, stay gold, forge ahead, and strive to improve the quality of service to financial consumers. At the same time, we are advancing towards the goal of becoming an all-round high-quality financial institution with a positive, stable, and diversified development direction.
    Last Update: 2020/08/25