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  • In the 2019 Spain Masters, BWF World Tour Super 300, Land Bank Staff won the gold medal in men doubles and silver medal in mixed doubles

    The 2019 Spain masters, BWF World Tour Super 300, was held in Barcelona, Spain, from February 19 to February 24. Wang Chi-Lin and Lee Yang of the Badminton Team of Land Bank of Taiwan teamed up for the first time to participate in this international event. They beat the top 5 players of the world and won a gold medal. Wang also won another silver medal in the mixed doubles with Cheng Chi-Ya. These two teams performed splendidly in their debut and yielded successful result.   The Bank has organized the badminton team and tennis team to sort out and train outstanding young people as reserve team players as an integral part of the performance of corporate social responsibility. The Bank also takes care of their daily lives so that they may indulge in training and fine-tune their skill in the game. The prolonged effort of the Bank counted and made the Bank the cradle for the development of badminton players in Taiwan. These players have participated in many international events over the years and have learned much from these games. They hoped they could win again in the “2020 Tokyo Olympics” and hit new record for Taiwan.
    Last Update: 2019/03/08
  • The Land Bank of Taiwan and the Baishatun Matsu Temple jointly have launched the “Matsu JCB Precious .”

    The Land Bank of Taiwan held a conference jointly with the representative of the Baishatun Matsu Temple for the launching of the “Matsu JCB Precious Card” on December 4, 2018, and completed the signing of the joint venture by Chairman Joanne Ling of the Bank and Director-General Hung Wen-Hua of Baishatun Matsu Temple. This was the time for a bank to be involved in the development of the religious sector in Taiwan to show the willingness and initiative of the Bank.    The launch of the “Matsu JCB Precious Card” has its origins in the unannounced presence of Matsu blessings from the Baishatun Matsu Temple to the Shalu Branch of the Bank on May 22, 2018. The head of the Bank is a vegetarian because of his religious beliefs and holds that this is a pre-meditated fate between the Bank and Matsu. The new card has also undergone the fire crossing ritual of the religion meaning the blessing of Matsu for the cardholders. In addition, the Bank will allocate 0.25% of the spending of the holders of “Matsu JCB Precious Card” to the temple for social charity.Cardholders are entitled to a cash rebate by applying for a “Matsu JCB Precious Card” now, and will get free gifts when using the card for purchases. All card users will get a 1% rebate from the amount they spend by using the card for purchases at home and abroad regardless of the amount with immediate effect up to July 31 2019. There is no upper limit for the amount of rebate. All new cardholders who spend NT$2,000 or more from the issuance of the card to the end of the next month will get an NT$200 card charging bonus (no registration required. Bonus will be offered only once for each new account) until May 5 2019.    In addition, this card is also associated with the JCB International Credit Card Co. Ltd. for more preferential treatments, including transport service to and from airports, special offers at five-star restaurants, special offers for shopping online, and the use of JCB VIP Lounge at airports. This card could also be used in using the transportation services offered by iPASS issuer, and small amount spending. Users just need to read the iPASS for using Taipei MRT, Taoyuan MRT, Kaohsiung MRT, Taiwan High Speed Railway, buses, coaches, and others easily, and also shop with the iPASS at the four major store chains, Pxmart and Link Shop. It could save you the trouble of getting change and could shop conveniently.    The Bank is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the government and has undergone transformation over the years. Further to the original core business of real estate property, we seek to broaden the business horizon in credit cards, corporate financing, wealth management and overseas Taiwan business, and will continue to hold different kinds of social charity activities, “Education Charity Scholarship and Funding Trust,” “Social Welfare Eldering Care Trust” and the “LOHAS Retirement” loans. We will uphold the charity image of taking from society and giving back to society, and support the government in the launching of the “5 +2 Innovative Industries,” the “new southbound policy,” “urban renewal” and “Reconstruction of old and dangerous buildings” with financing. In the future, the Bank will be oriented towards the objective of a full-range good quality financial institution with its positive efforts, in stable steps with diversity in development.
    Last Update: 2019/02/01