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  • New Bulletin Land Bank of Taiwan's ILAN Branch Offers Its Services at New Premise

    To serve more customers and provide quality financial services, ILAN Branch has on July 29, 2019 (Monday), moved its premise to No.43, Guangfu Road, Yilan City, Yilan County, with charitable and social activities concurrently held on that day.    ILAN Branch's new premise is strategically located in Yilan City, adjacent to the intersection of city's main roads, Guangfu Road and Jiucheng South Road, and is near Yilan Train Station. The area has convenient transportation, vibrant business activities, shops, complete public facilities, and various government organizations, which is beneficial for the promotion of various financial services.    Besides having a comfortable business premise and various facilities, ILAN Branch also offers comprehensive financial services such as deposit, loan, foreign exchange, VIP financial management, etc., and has a digital experience zone equipped with facilities like computer and iPad to facilitate customers in transactions through electronic financial services, such as phone banking, internet banking, internet ATM, mobile APP, etc., without having to queue for counter service.    The Bank is committed in improving its service quality, and is dedicated to social welfare and fulfilling corporate social responsibilities, adhering to the mission of "pursuing sustainable development, towards a quality financial organization". Its continuous concern for the life care of the less privileged is shown in its corporation with county and city governments in organizing "Educational Charity Scholarship and Funding Trust" and "Social Welfare's Eldering Care Trust", as well as the launching of "Lohas Reitrement" loan projects.  The Bank continues to promote charitable activities for students with financial difficulties, and life care for elderlies and persons with disabilities, portraying the charitable image of gaining from society and giving back to society. To strengthen the Bank's interaction with the community, and giving back to the society, the Bank invited Yilan County's "Wujie Elementary School Lion Dance Group" to perform at the opening ceremony, as well as made a donation to Yi-Lan Social Welfare Fundraising Foundation.  The whole event was both lively and warm.    The Bank has been established for more than 70 years, adhering to the mission bestowed by the government, of providing professional banking services. In recent years, it has shown outstanding performance in businesses such as 5+2 Innovative Industries financing, New Southbound credit, syndicated policy, international finance, trust, wealth management, urban renewal and reconstruction of old and dangerous buildings, as well as actively increases its international competitiveness in an enterprise operation method with "innovation, efficiency" and diverse development, striving towards the vision of a comprehensive and quality financial organization.
    Last Update: 2019/09/17
  • Land Bank of Taiwan Organizes Charity Event, "Overnight at Jurassic Park", Promising the Children a Fantasy Tour at National Taiwan Museum.

    The previous headquarters of the Bank is located at Taipei City's Xiangyang Road. In 2005, the Bank cooperated with National Taiwan Museum, and the museum is in charge of restoring the monuments, and subsequent operation and management of the building. Officially opened as "Land Bank Exhibition Hall" in 2010, the museum's exhibition themes include "History of Land Bank of Taiwan" and "Paleontology Exhibition-Epics of life, the evolution", which is about paleontology and evolution. It is ideal place for learning about the origin of life on earth, and Taiwan's endemic species, and it is popular with both parents and children. To give the children a fantasy tour of the museum, the Bank cooperated with National Taiwan Museum in organizing a two-day  "Overnight in Jurassic Park" charity event, inviting about 30 children from Ministry of the Interior Northern Region Children’s Home. On August 16, the day of the event, the children visited the museum, observed the fossils of trilobites, mesozoic dinosaurs and cenozoic mammals at a close distance, dressed as different kinds of animals, and had a fun time with personnel from the headquarters. They were treated to an exciting magic show and stayed the night at the "Land Bank Exhibition Hall" with the dinosaurs. On August 17, the children had a knowledgeable trip through a stroll with the guides in the city of Taipei, where they listened to the history and stories of the city, and visited the only Government -owned camphor factory in Taiwan during the Japanese colonial period. The Bank hopes to give the children a memorable summer vacation through this exciting and interesting activity. Most importantly, it hopes that these children are able to remember the happy moments, and experience the beauty of the world. The Bank is a wholly state-owned bank under the Ministry of Finance. Besides being dedicated in its core financial business, it also concerns for the less privileged and contributes to the community. Through this interesting educational activity, it hopes to  make the less privileged children feel the warmth of the society, as well as encourage the public to participate in more charitable activities.
    Last Update: 2019/08/30