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  • Land Bank of Taiwan establishes the Department of Insurance Agent and launches brand new services

    In order to provide customers with high-quality financial services, Land Bank was approved by the competent authority to concurrently carry out life and property insurance agency business. On January 1, 2020, Land Bank merged its subsidiary, Land Bank Insurance Broker Co, Ltd, and established the Department of Insurance Agent. The bank generally assumed all rights and obligations of Land Bank Insurance Broker Co, Ltd. The rights and interests of the original insured were not affected at all. The Bank will provide customers with all-round finance insurance services. After the establishment of the Department of Insurance Agent, Land Bank, as a state-owned bank in line with the regulations of the competent authority, will implement the protection of consumers' rights and interests. Customer demand will be our main guide to cooperate with government policies and market trends so we can provide suitable insurance products. Multiple insurance products are offered for customers to choose so as to meet the protection demand planning of customers of all ages. Land Bank will fulfill the responsibilities of the bank as a state-owned bank, and move forward to a comprehensive and high-quality bank to achieve win-win goals for the bank and customers.
    Last Update: 2020/01/22
  • Land Bank's "Lin-Yang Team" won the 3rd place in men's doubles of 2019 BWF World Tour Finals.

    The 2019 BWF World Tour Finals were held from December 11th to 15th in Guangzhou, China. The Land Bank's Lin-Yang Team of Wang Chi-lin and Lee Yang took 3rd place in men's doubles. Though advancing with a 3-0 victory record, the Lin-Yang Team was unable to beat Indonesian players, winners in BWF World Champions, in the semi-finals. However, they still kept the same record made by the earlier Double-Lin Team of Chen Hung-lin and Wang Chi-lin in the year-end semi-finals. The Land Bank's badminton team was established to build up a roster of outstanding athletes, keeping recruiting potential young athletes from high schools, professional schools and universities, as well as caring for their livelihoods. Over the decades, the team's domestic reputation has steadily grown, and the Bank has become a crucial source of training for national champions. In recent years, the Land Bank team has been actively participating in international competitions to accumulate experiences and skills. We look forward to competing on the international stage and spotlighting Taiwan's badminton and tennis players as the implementation of corporate social responsibility.
    Last Update: 2019/12/26