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  • Land Bank Hackathon "2019 Fintech Creative" Results Revealed, Displaying Limitless Creativity

    The Bank co-hosted the first Hackathon competition, "2019 Fintech Creative," with the Taiwan Academy of Banking and Finance to call for youngsters to participate beyond the limit of schools, departments, and grades, encouraging them to exert their creativity and positively think of how to use Fintech to solve problems, so as to promote the convenience of Fintech.    The Hackathon competition has received great attention from teachers and students in general and vocational high schools as well as institutions of higher education since its debut in mid-March, which has attracted more than 200 teams to register for the competition within a short period of time. Through an intense first trial by the judges, there are five teams from each "Future Star Group" for general and vocational high schools and "Challenge Group" for institutions of higher education selected to participate in the final. On May 22, 2019, the final took place at the Fin & Tech Innovation Village. All participants from across Taiwan have gathered to compete for the winning prizes of NT$340,000 and roundtrip tickets to Singapore. The innovation topics for the final include wealth management, savings for house purchase, APP design, foreign currency, seniors’ consumption, mobile payment, and financial services for remote villages, manifesting incredible thoughts and ideas.    At the awarding ceremony today, Bor-Chang Hwang, Chairman of the Bank, and Chung-Shu Wu, Chairman of the Taiwan Academy of Banking and Finance, announced the steaming hot results of the final. Except for recognizing the ambition and creativity of participating students toward Fintech, they also awarded the trophies and certificates in person to show their recognition. The most expected gold award for the "Future Star Group" went to the team "Maxed Out Your Black Card" from Ginling Girls' High School, rewarded for the combination of parent-child account and mobile payment. The team from Tamkang University won the biggest award of NT$100,000 and roundtrip tickets to Singapore for "Challenge Group" through housing saving strategy of Fun 2 pay ~ credit score.    In response to the development policies and trend of Fintech, the Bank has always been intending to expand our customer base through the diversification of innovative services. Facing the financial environment with constant changes and increasing competition, the Bank continues to develop its core niche business and actively promotes digital financial services and expands the offshore financial business. At the same time, the Bank accelerates the overseas market layout, vigorously cultivates talents to improve profitability, global competitiveness, and corporate value, striving toward the target of being a comprehensive premium bank.
    Last Update: 2019/06/04
  • Land Bank’s "Baishatun Matsu Temple Matsu JCB Precious Card" achieves overwhelming application rate.

    After the Bank and the Temple co-held the announcement campaign for "Matsu JCB Precious Card" at the Baishatun Matsu Temple on Dec. 4, 2018, to perform the Fire Crossing Ritual for the first batch of 1,000 Cards, the second batch of 5,000 Cards immediately occurred on Dec. 27, 2018, to pray for safety, satisfactory, and wealth of the holders of the Matsu JCB Precious Card. With cardholders' heated response of actively applying and using the Cards for the public welfare, the Bank and the Temple co-held the Ritual again for the third batch of 5,000 Cards at the Baishatun Matsu Temple, continuing Matsu's blessing to cardholders.    The Bank allocates 0.25% reward from general consumption by cardholders of "Matsu JCB Precious Card" to the Temple to joint hand with the Temple for good deeds and public welfare. Apply for the "Matsu JCB Precious Card" to enjoy 1% card consumption cash reward (no upper limits for the reward) with any overseas or domestic general consumption in any amount, from now on up to Jul. 31, 2019. Up to Dec. 31, 2019, from the approval of card to the end of next month for new cardholders, cardholders with accumulative general consumption over NT$2,000 (included) are entitled to NT$200 initial card usage reward (no log-in required, each cardholder is entitled to up to one reward).    Furthermore, the Matsu JCB Precious Card also involves various resources from JCB international organization to provide multiple exclusive deals, including services of airport transportation, five-star dining, shopping discount at online shopping platform, and JCB airport VIP room usage, as well as convenient functions of transportation and small-amount consumption provided by the iPASS Corporation. The iPASS may be used for public transport such as Taipei Metro, Taoyuan Metro, Kaohsiung Metro, Taiwan Railways, Taiwan High Speed Rail, and buses, which is also convenient for using the iPASS at the top four convenience stores, PX Mart and Simple Mart to save the troubles from paying with coins, which not only saves efforts but also time.    The Bank is a 100% government-owned bank. We comply with the government policy to continue carrying out the governmental house mortgage, helping youngsters to purchase and change houses, so as to fulfill our corporate social responsibilities. Except for the existing core business of real estate, the Bank proactively promotes the consumption credit loans to deepen the image of the Bank as the best brand for consumer loans, expands and enriches the credit card business and credit card product line to satisfy the requirements from different customer groups. In the future, the Bank will focus on the positive, steady, and diversified development direction, striving to achieve its goal as a comprehensive premium financial institution.
    Last Update: 2019/05/31