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Land Bank’s Digital Finance Wins Interbank Service Innovation Award and Special Contribution Award

Land Bank's dedicated efforts in promoting TWQR (Taiwan Pay Common QR Code Payment Specification) has received wide recognition from the public. At the “2023 Conference on Financial Information Systems” held on the 7th, the Bank was honored with the “Interbank Service Innovation Award” and “Special Contribution Award” in the E-payment Flow Business Category by Financial Information Co., Ltd. (FISC).


Land Bank has been promoting Taiwan Pay at its 150 branches and headquarters with the FISC for some time. Taiwan Pay can be used to pay for daily consumption, transportation, and utility bills. This year, the promotion of TWQR kick started by effectively integrating various QR Code payments in the market. Furthermore, in response to the post release duty payment measure initiated by the Ministry of Finance the Bank has been actively promoting “E-Import Duty Guarantee” in order to abolish paper guarantees. This will help customs carry out investigations and provide convenient services to the public with smart technology, and institutionalize security and transparency. For our long-term efforts, we were honored with the “2023 Interbank Service Innovation Award” by the FISC.


In addition, on par with the government’s universal cash payment policy in April this year, we also launched the “Withdraw $6,000 for a chance to win 60,000 points (equivalent to NT$6000)” and “deposit NT$6,000 to enjoy a high interest rate” promotions to boost the benefits of the policy. This has won the Bank the “2023 Special Contribution Award” from the FISC.


Since taking office, Hsieh Chuan-Chuan has made “business digitization” one of her strategic goals. Under her leadership, the Bank has initiated business digitization focusing on six major areas: digital financial services, digital payment, AI application, big data analysis, cross-industry alliance and collaboration, and digital talent to build the Bank's digitized financial services.


As a 100% state-owned bank, not only have we long been cultivating digital financial innovation and development, we are also dedicated to fulfilling the customer's needs for digitization and convenience. In the future, we will continue to work hard to create a business model that bodes well with the customer and employee with the aim of constructing an ecosystem that coexists and prospers with environmental ecology, industrial development, and the financial sector.


Contact person: Cheng Wen-Pin

Tel.: 02-2348-3852

Release date: 2024/01/02 Last updated: 2024/01/02