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Notice for Updating to New UI No. for Foreign Nationals

Dear Customer:


1. If you have already received a new Uniform Identification ("UI") number for foreign nationals and wish to change your UI number with the Bank, you can do so by following the instructions below:


(1) Change at the branch counter in person: Bring your renewed Resident Certificate, Record of ID No. in the Republic of China or Entry & Exit Permit to any of our branches for processing. You can download, print, and complete the "Application for Opening an Account and a Change in the Fundamental Particulars ( applicable to a natural person )" in advance to save time.


(2) Change by mail: Please download, print, and complete the "Application for New Unified Identification (UI) Number (For foreign nationals mailing purposes only)" and "CRS and FATCA Self-Certification Form- Individual", together with a photocopy of the ID card containing the new UI number, and mail to any branch for processing.


2.If you have any questions, please feel free to call our Customer Helpline at (02) 2314-6644 or consult the Land Bank branch nearest you. Click to find the Land Bank branch nearest to you:

3.For more information about the New UI No., please visit the National Immigration Agency website at:

To protect your rights and interests, if your account has been authorized to deduct paymentsor collect deposits (e.g. insurance premiums, stock settlement fees, payroll deposits, etc.), you are advised to contact the concerned parties to update your personal information to process such requests. In addition, the individual income tax declaration for 2021 is about to close, please note that the UI No. in your Individual Income Tax Return must be the same as the UI No. you have registered at the bank to facilitate tax payment (return) by bank transfer.

Release date: 2021/05/13 Last updated: 2021/08/19