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Website Open Information Announcement

I. Authorization Method & Scope

In order to facilitate better utilization of website information, all information and materials disclosed in the Land Bank of Taiwan's website that is protected under copyright provisions may be reauthorized for public use without cost in a non-exclusive manner. Users are not limited to time and by region to reproduce, adapt, edit, publicly transmit, or utilize by other means, and as well as to develop products or services (herein known as derivations). This authorization will not be withdrawn thereafter. Users are not required to acquire any written or other means of authorization from the Administration. However, the source shall be provided when using the information.

II. Description of Excluded Matters

(a) The authorization scope only covers the scope of copyright protection and does not cover other intellectual property rights, including but not limited to the provision of patents, trademarks, and department logos.

(b) In determining whether to collect, process, or utilize the personal information disclosed voluntarily or required to be disclosed by the law, users shall plan and execute related measures required by the law according to related provisions based on the Personal Information Protection Act.

(c) Some of the videos, images, music scores, and articles are only available for public publication in accordance with the contract. Therefore, materials that can only be used after obtaining consent according to the administration are not within the scope of this authorization.

(d) Information and materials provided by this authorization shall not be modified maliciously. If the information displayed after editing or modification is not consistent with the original, the user shall bear civil and criminal legal liabilities.
III. This website’s authorization does not authorize users to represent the administration’s recommendation, approval, or agreement with the status of the added derivatives.

IV. Link to the Bank's Website

In general, links from any website to the Bank’s website do not require the Bank’s consent. However, the link shall state clearly the name of the Bank. Links that may mislead users are prohibited by the Bank.

V. Related Links of the Bank's Website

For the convenience of internet users, the Bank's website only provides links to related websites. We are not responsible for the use of the websites.

VI. Disclaimer

Websites or information provided by the Bank's website are provided by linked websites. The relevant rights are held by the linked website or the legal owner of the site. The Bank is not responsible for its accuracy, immediateness, or completeness.